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Even better, each camera in your system will automatically record and save thirty seconds of video whenever the alarm is triggered, possibly allowing you to provide your insurance provider or the police with invaluable footage. The $240 also available in Europe for €150 Piper smart security device is another Indiegogo darling, having recently hit more than three times its initial funding goal before ultimately being acquired by iControl Networks. Like Canary, Piper is an attractive looking all in one system with an integrated pan and tilt camera and built in sensors capable of detecting motion, temperature changes, and the like. What sets Piper apart is the fact that it doubles as a Z Wave hub, meaning you'll be able to use it as a home automation control center and control any number of connected devices. Hooking it up with a Z Wave ready lock like ones we've seen from Schlage and Kwikset would be a great start for the security minded consumer, but you could also use it to automate lights or a smart thermostat. Read our full review of Piper. Samsung's newest Dropcam competitor is the SmartCam HD Pro. At a price of $190 available in the UK for £160; not yet available in Australia, but converts to about AU$200, it's the slightly cheaper of the two IP cameras, and it comes with an app that's chock full of useful features. Though the SmartCam boasts 1080p resolution and a 128 degree field of view, we still give Dropcam an edge in terms of image quality. We also wish that the SmartCam integrated with other devices over Bluetooth, like Dropcam does. That said, the SmartCam does give you the option of storing footage locally on an SD card Dropcam doesn't.

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Sure enough, a fire truck and the fire chief pulled up a few minutes later.

Finally, medical alert and panic button pendants are sometimes provided as an extra.

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With its floodlight capability, NETATMO Presence is easy and seamless to install, as it simple replaces any existing outdoor light.

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