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The guy did this to a few people in Lake Tahoe, Ca as well as in the Minden/ Gardnerville, NV area. The smart cards were valuable on the blackmarket, because they could be made into 'test' cards which gave the buyer access to all channels without having to pay for them. They were selling for about $200. 00 each I think the police told me at the time. The question I want to give to you is. How do you plug these kinds of holes?I can replace money and possessions and get over the embarrassment of being scammed, but what about our children?@Leon, who asks "but what about our children?". That is the question many supposedly security conscious people are asking themselves. These people fall prey to salesmen hawking home monitoring, home security cameras, kiddie cellphones, kiddie GPS tracking, and even worse. They will vote for politicians who promise to "protect them" by putting up public security cameras, reading their mail and e mail, tapping their telephones, and taking away yet more of our freedoms. This is sheer paranoia based upon a poor understanding of risk. Leon, your children are YOUR responsibility first, not society's, just like my child's security is mine.

wireless home security systems rated

Thanks to modern technology, you can do a lot more with an OmniGuard home security alarm system besides just secure your house!Energy management and automation is part of the package.

Security equipment, however, is more expensive than other industry leaders and the company has been known to have poor online transparency.

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Monitors are the same.

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